Storyman – Coming Home

StorymanPicking a name for a band can be unnerving decision since it is the banner under which every artistic endeavor will appear, on marquees, album covers, T-shirts and the like. So when Irish duo Kevin May and Mick Lynch changed their name from the intriguing Guggenheim Grotto to the simpler Storyman, it had to be a decision not easily made. Continue reading

Big Deal – Catch Up

Big Deal (Alice Costelloe & Kacey Underwood)Big Deal is not one yet, although maybe they should be, given the lo-fi loveliness that unspools from the guitars and voices of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, a couple of musicians whose romantic relationship remains unsolved but the fact that such an uninteresting question remains a topic in their hometown newspaper, The Guardian, suggests that maybe they really are indeed on their way to being a Big Deal. Continue reading